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Wisconsin Rocks

Wisconsin Covers

Wisconsin Covers

This playlist features original rock, hard rock & metal songs by Wisconsin based bands.

This playlist features original rock, hard rock & metal songs by Wisconsin-based bands.

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The Wisconsin Rocks Spotify Playlist currently features:

A Coup De Grace - Skin Deep

A Legend Alone - Redemption

All Kings Fall - Ripped in Half

Amberstein - The Room

Amillennial - Like a Fist

Anomaly - A Gift from Theia

Aqua Dust - Brain Damage

Archers - Black Lung

Ashes of Alexis - Breathe Slower

Autumn Reverie - Carmine

Avenues - Messin' Around

Batteries Not Included - Stuck Up

Ben Harold - Ramble and Roll

Black Belt Theatre - A Beautiful Sound

Blackbelt Yellobelli - Never Around (Gagball)

Blame It On Cain - Atuna

Bourbon House - Take Us Away

Bury the Enemy - Left Unsaid

Casket Robbery - From Hell

Chi Noden - Ogitchidaa

Courtesy of Tim - Here's the Thing, Winnie

Cyanide Son - Better Days

DATRF - She Wolf

DayRollers - Choices

Disappearance - Self Righteous

Electric Revolution - Tempted

Entropy O.A.C. - Last in Line

Faux Fiction - Get It Right

Filthy Sweet - Untitled

H27 - The Soulless Highway

Hi/Jack - Better Now

Immortalis - Disconnect

Inbound - Dead Man Walking

Lithic - Deliver

Litost - The Shadow

Litost - The Colony Album

Litost - Save Me II

Matt Smith - Giving All

Matt Smith - Nightfall

Matt Smith - Soul of My Love

Middle-Aged Overdose - Bro, It Wasn't Worth It

Mile 134 - Micromanager

Morningstar - Eternal

Morta Skuld - Breathe in the Black

Nobody's Fault - Addicted to Manic

Oncethesun - Speechless

Order To Chaos - Rage

Orenda Fugue - Morning Steps

Pep Talk - Vacant Space

Ratbatspider - ...And I'm All out of Bubblegum

Reflection of Flesh - Dirt Under Nails

Resistance - Suffocate

Revolution X - Wanna Be

Rhetoric Vendetta - Everything Burns

Rocket Cat - Paper Dreams

Rust Belt - My Side

SACRED - In His Head

Saint Tragedy - Make Believe

Scarlet Curve - Old Man

Schmoolio - Toast to the Host That Ghosted Me

Seilies - In Your Eyes

Seven Cities Dead - In My Own Hands

Shield the Survivors - Inner Sabatoge

Six Pound Sledge - Land of the Cowards

Size 5s - 3AM

Sliver - Time Runs Out

Slowburn - Wish You Well

Squidhammer Metal - Rock the Fuck On

Starlight Riot - Bring Out Your Love

Terraform - Ego Death

The Alloy Plot - Down to the Well

The Almas - Sin City

The Deathless Dogs - Dd Shuffle

The First Rule - Tell Me a Lie

The John Buxton Experience - Human Being

The Martyr Complex - Catalyst of Cataclysm

The Rogue Electrics - Along for the Ride

Three Left - Whiskey Bent and Hellbound

Ultrea - Brighter Days

Un-Broken - No Escape

Wildly Inconsistent - Clarity (Static)

Woodrow - Gravity

Wisconsin Covers

Wisconsin Covers

Wisconsin Covers

This playlist features cover songs in rock, hard rock & metal forms done by Wisconsin based bands.

This playlist features cover songs in rock, hard rock & metal forms from Wisconsin-based bands.

Followers: 13

The Wisconsin Covers Spotify Playlist currently features:

American Zeros - Evel

Archers - Close to Me

DayRollers - Paint It Black
Disappearance - Get Low
The First Rule - Just Like Heaven

Litost - Bus Stop

Litost - Don't Let Go

Litost - The World I Know

Litost - Vehicle

Litost - California Love
Schmoolio - All I Want for Christmas Is You

Seven Cities Dead - Aerials
Squidhammer Metal - Cowboys from Hell

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